Hartsmere Logistics


Hartsmere’s World is a world of movement. Movement, Transport and Related Services. Everybody needs transport, everything you have came from somewhere else, Everything you want, Everything you need, Everything you will ever have, will come from somewhere else, often this will be from another part of the world, this is Hartsmere’s World.


Hartsmere exists to arrange transport and related services, it is an Independent Logistics Management company founded in 1999 by Peter Kroon and Mike Dryden-Holt, who have a lifetime of experience in the freight & transport industry. Hartsmere now offer this wealth of experience to solve your transport, logistic, and warehousing problems. We operate a network of inter connected facilities offering a full Intermodal service so that your goods can move on a seamless basis with the minimum of fuss in a totally controlled environment, to ensure that you maintain complete control of both your supply and distribution chains.


Hartsmere operate in all mediums of Transport, Road Sea and Air, and can offer all levels of service from Economical Sea Freight movements where transit time is not the primary consideration through to Express Air Freight services on a door to door basis where speed and control are of paramount importance. In addition we offer a full range of support services, including packing, Insurance, customs clearance, consular documentation, out of gauge shipments and warehouse management.Airfreight is usually the blue-ribbon service with costs to match, however Hartsmere offer a worldwide network of services for both Import and Export, where costs can be kept under control and yet still maintain a fast transit time to the destination airport or through to the consignees premises where required.Likewise for urgently required goods from abroad Hartsmere offer a total service facility to ensure that those critical shipments arrive on time.


Hartsmere have a full range of European services, spanning, the EEC, Scandinavia, and the Eastern European Countries. Services operate on both Import and Export basis, and have a full range of supplementary collection delivery and warehouse facilities. In the main all are road based however short sea container movements can be offered where economy is required.


For Difficult, high, heavy, long and wide consignments, Hartsmere operate a full out of gauge service, to cover all aspects of difficult movements. This includes route planning and surveys, liaison with electricity, telephone highways and relevant authorities. As well as a full permit application service, and provision of police or private escorts, which are required in certain European countries.